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MIG Trade Finance Infrastructure. Oil&Gas Commodities Services

City  of  Buenos Aires   -  Argentina  


MIG Trade Finance Infrastructure is a Trading Hub market infrastructure where participants come to structure, fund and hedge their trades.

MIG Trade Finance Infrastructure allows to commodity trading companies today operate in a highly competitive and dynamic environment where change is one of the few constant factors.


MIG Trade Finance Infrastructure supports Trading companies to face unforeseen changes in trade flows, currencies and commodity prices. Trading Companies must have flexible cost structures, clear entry and exit strategies and most importantly should be prepared to expect the unexpected.


MIG Trade Finance Infrastructure allows Commodity Trading Companies be part of a larger part of supply chains to improve their operating leverage, reduce complexity and costs, through towards IT Platforms integration. At the same time, MIG Trade Finance Infrastructure is a flexible and adaptive environment to drive economies of scale and scope not just within their immediate organizational boundaries, but beyond them, by leveraging digital channels to build an ecosystem of buyers, partners and suppliers. thriving ecosystem of trade and finance